Do any of these describe you?

  • You are experiencing joint, back, or neck pain
  • You are struggling with everyday activities like standing, walking, and clothing yourself
  • Your sleep is being disturbed by the pain
  • You regularly consume painkillers to curb the pain
  • You are becoming concerned that the condition won't heal
  • You are in pain and unsure what to do next

We can help

Our Acupuncture appointments include:

  • A full case history taking
  • A full physical examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Medical Acupuncture treatment

What we treat

We are musculoskeletal experts and commonly treat the following conditions:

Neck pain, Back pain, Cramp, Digestion problems, Fibromyalgia, Frozen shoulder, Elbow pain, Headache arising from the neck, Joint pain, Osteoarthritis, Generalised aches and pains, Lumbago, Migraine prevention, Minor sports injuries, Muscle spasms, Neuralgia, Tension and inability to relax, Rheumatic pain, Sciatica and more.

5 minutes from Angel station

Bodyfunction Clinic
Lower Ground
66, 68 Pentonville Rd
N1 9PR

£80 for 1 hour consult and treatment

£65 for follow up appointment